Food, Glorious Food


Recently, my dad started chronicling his weight loss journey.  It’s been interesting and frustrating to read.  On the one hand, he’s made a few minor changes and weight has just fallen off of him. . .why does that happen for men? (My husband as well has made slight changes in the last month and dropped 10 pounds. . . me, slight changes, 1 pound) On the other hand, he’s made some points about food that resonate with me deeply.

So, I thought, maybe, if I started writing about my relationship with food and body image and all that jazz, I could make some headway.

I have some body image issues that I somewhat know where they came from.  Let’s just leave it at I was the smart one.  I also have some fears about what may happen with my body as I get older, and that I won’t be able to control it.  Because, like my dad, I love food. Not just the flavor, but the whole experience.  The smell of it, the preparation of it, the texture of it, the combinations that you can do with it.  Part of my problem with putting food in my mouth is that I just love the experience of flavor bursting around my


Easter 2018–our family feast. . .we love food!

tongue.  Eating ice cream is more than the creamy texture and flavors, it’s also the cold feeling that I can still distinguish at the back of my throat and down the esophagus at it travels towards my stomach.  It’s just delicious in all aspects.

But, I must make some changes, because I am at least 50 pounds overweight. I have managed to lose weight before.  I’ve done a lot of programs, all of which require me to track my food. I do a great job tracking for a while, and then, I just don’t. Even with the ease of using my phone, I just hate it. I just want to be allowed to eat food and enjoy it. I listen to what others do to lose and maintain weight, and it sounds boring.  They limit their types of foods and eat the same thing day in and day out.  Bleh!!

I’ve given myself a lot of excuses for why the weight creeps back up. . .most recently, I broke my leg and lost a baby.

Yes, I’m an emotional eater.

I’m not sure how to change that.

I know that there are a lot of concepts and ideas and suggestions out there.  Find something different to do with your hands. When you’re feeling emotional, find an activity that will concentrate your brain on something else. . .meditation, reading, exercise. Drink water.


Me and a stuffed jalepeno having a moment at last Easter.

Ah, if only those things were as comforting as chocolate and peanut butter or pasta and cheese.

So, it’s out there now.  I have an unhealthy love of food, and a no love whatsoever of exercise. Well, that’s not entirely true either.  I do love to ride my bike, just not alone. . .another excuse? Probably. I used to ride alone for miles a week (It caused worry among my friends and family).

I’m going to make some changes. Food and I are going to work on our relationship. We’re not breaking up. We’re just going to therapy!


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Years ago I made the resolution to not make resolutions at the New Year.  Who needs the extra pressure?

For the most part, I’ve managed to keep that one.

Past resolutions have included things like:

1) Quit biting my nails: I still bite them–when I’m bored, when I’m nervous or agitated, when I’m driving down the road, and interestingly enough when I go to the movies.  (And though I don’t resolve to do it anymore, I do wish I could quit!)

2) Lose weight: Who hasn’t made this resolution?  (Don’t answer that.)

3) Exercise more: Let’s face it–I hate exercise; I hate that it’s called exercise; I hate that it makes me sweaty and hurts; I hate that other people seem to get happy endorphins after exercising–why should they be so lucky?

These are the resolutions that I can recall right off the top of my head.  I notice that they seem to have a lot to do with my outer appearance.

A resolution is merely a commitment. And commitment takes effort.  Consider:

Owning a pet. Going to your job and doing it well. Marriage. Raising children.

Being a Christian.

When I give up on those outward resolutions, I’m left with more time to focus on the commitments that really make up my life.

I offer this verse:

Romans 12:2 “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”