God’s Gift: Ruling

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Day 17 of Advent and God’s Gift.

Bible Reading: Isaiah 11:1-9


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Part of this scripture reading was Day One of our waiting.  Here we are reminded of the characteristics of the Holy Trinity: wisdom, understanding, counsel, power, knowledge.

But today’s reading goes further.  It explains the gift of God’s ruling.  It will bring such peace that creatures who were once enemies will eat together and lie down together.  The knowledge of the Lord will bring safety.

Only the fear of the Lord will remain. . .that awe inspiring, righteous trembling of His great power and rule.  We will not have a fear of each other.

God’s rule will bring His creation together.  What a beautiful thing on which to wait.

Thoughts for today:

What fears are keeping you awake at night as you wait?

How do you think it will feel to give all that fear to the Lord and rely simply on His ability?

Too often, God, we let our fears control what we do during this time of waiting.  We wrap ourselves in the memory of the past rather than look toward Your ruling of our future.  Help us to lay down our fears and to move toward Your light as we continue to wait.

How Much More

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Every so often, I like to do a puzzle. But I have to be careful.  I have what I call “Finish the Puzzle-itis”. I can’t leave it undone.  Once I start, I’m slightly obsessed.

So, “puzzling” happens when I know I’m going to have the opportunity to be tunnel visioned.  Like a snow day such as we’ve had this week.

I told Steven yesterday that I just can’t help it.  I get so excited when a piece fits or when I find a piece that connects two sections. There’s a rush of dopamine, I guess, and I have to see if I can do it again and make the picture that much more clear. . .until I have a finished product.


500 piece Thomas Kincaid: started at noon and finished at 10:30 pm

As I worked yesterday, I thought about how often we hear that God sees our whole puzzle while we only see pieces.

It created an image for me of God sitting at tables with puzzles of His people in front of him.  In my imagination, He grinned as pieces fit into place, creating the picture for us that He designed.  And, then, like me, because it was so exhilarating, He kept at it.

I am not foolish enough to think that I understand the mind of God.  Or how he lays out His plans for us.  But the image of Him doing a puzzle brought joy to my heart.  And while I know He knows where each piece goes, because we have free will, I can see how sometimes we might force a piece into the wrong place–somewhere it doesn’t quite fit.  I imagine His disappointment in our doing that and His pleasure when we remove it to put it somewhere else.

It’s a puzzle we do together.

And if my excitement at completing a picture is so great, how much more must His be when we finish.

It’s nice to think that He’s working on me yet.