Funny Thing Is

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I never wanted to be a teacher.

You won’t believe me in a minute. . .

little people schoolI taught all of my stuffed animals to read, write, and play Old Maid.  Also, one of my favorite toys was my Fisher Price Little People school house.  It had a magnetic roof for letters and numbers and a chalk board.  Little desks for the students and a teacher’s desk.  Oh, and the best part, a playground with a swing, slide, and merry-go-round.

But, I didn’t want to be a teacher.

I wanted to be a doctor.  It wavered periodically between being like Marie Curie and Louis Pasteur or being an obstetrician/pediatrician {though my uncle told me that wasn’t a combination I could do–I didn’t understand why–I wanted to take care of the baby in the womb and then help it grow up}

Here I am, though, getting ready to complete nineteen years in the high school English classroom.

blue curtainAnd I’m not sorry. It’s been an amazing career for me.  I love being in the classroom and helping students realize when the curtain is just blue and when it’s not.  I love getting to know my students as people and watching them mature into young adults who do incredible things. . .like become doctors, or join the Peace Corps, or shape politics, or, yep, become teachers. {This list is so short when I think about all the things my students have done.}

But, I almost didn’t do it.

When my students ask me why I became a teacher, I always tell them because of God.  When I graduated from college {with an English degree I had no idea how to use} I began working for a credit union.  I loved the job.  I met a lot of people.  However, there was something missing.  After about a year, I kept hearing this voice say, “You’re supposed to be teaching English.”

I investigated if it was even a possibility and there was a program called lateral entry, relatively new, that would allow me to begin teaching in my degree area while I completed education courses.

I made a deal with God. I told him if He wanted me to teach, then it would have to be in my home county.  I put in the application and in July received a phone call from a principal for an interview.

Funny thing is, my application hit his desk because the personnel director for the county at that time was someone with whom I went to church.


Christmas Break

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1268580_10201989747978213_1302152653_oWhen I start a blog, the screen asks me what I have on my mind.

Well, today, it’s Christmas break.

It’s only 2 days away. Woohoo!

But there are things about Christmas break that are difficult. Like students who think it started 2 days ago rather than still 2 days away. I still have things to teach them–knowledge to impart.

Another difficult aspect–there’s me who wishes Christmas break had started 2 days ago rather than having to find the energy to impart knowledge for another 2 days.

Why is it that these 2 days will take a very long time to happen but then the next week and a half will fly by at record speed?

My dad was right all those years ago–time does go faster the older you get.

Literature Life of an English Teacher

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When I created this schedule of posts, I thought the second Wednesday would be easy. How difficult would it be for me to post something about literature. . .I mean, I am an English teacher.

But it’s tough sometimes.

Especially since the school year has begun again.

I could write about what we’re studying in my sophomore English classes these days (archetypes in traditional literature–think Gilgamesh and Bible). Or I could write about the last book for Between the Covers (And the Mountains Echoed–but it taxed my brain). I guess I could write about how we’re trying to think of something more light hearted and uplifting for this next month (maybe Garden Spells).

But I’m not feeling very inspired by any of that. Which is slightly sad (how do you like that alliteration).

So the paradox is despite the fact that I’m surrounded by literature, I can think of nothing to write about for this post.  Nada.  Zilch.  I have the dreaded writer’s block.

I guess I’ll go grade some more papers.