Word Play

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I did it.

I did one of those things that goes around on social media (or used to be just in email. . .) where you make note of the first so many words you see and then those words have some specific meaning for some thing in your life.

I don’t even remember what the point of this one was, but the words stuck with me.

In the order I noticed them (we were instructed to note four): Lessons, Love, Strength, Purpose.

As a side note, I do often wonder how many words are in these little grids and what influences what words different people notice. . .like if you’re right handed does that mean you notice words on the left first? Or something like that.

Anyway. . .My words. I like them. I’ve actually decided to make them a focus of 2021. I’ve done words of the year before. . .hope, laugh. . .

These words spoke to me when I spotted them. I immediately thought about how Peter can be quite integral in the focus of these words. . .I’m sure he will teach me many lessons; he has already shown me things about love; strength is necessary when embarking on the journey of parenthood; and purpose, well, we do things with intention in mind.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Those were my first thoughts, but as the words have marinated over the last month, I find them being important to me in other ways. Not just what Peter will show me, but what I will show Peter. And the things that Steven and I encounter outside of Peter–in our marriage, in our other relationships.

I have plans for these words as the year continues. I would like to attach a verse to each of them. Something that God will show me in His time. Something He wants me to know about each word.

In the meantime, they play in my head every day. Rolling around in there and bumping into things I’m contemplating.

God’s Gift: Power

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Day 16 of Advent and God’s Gift.

Bible Reading: I Kings 18:17-39


Image: public domain

Oh, what a beautiful example of the power of God! And, a lesson to us all to not waver (or dance, as the text says) between our choices.

Elijah’s simple prayer to the Almighty is in such contrast to the antics of the prophets of Baal. His prayer is not for himself, but so that the people in attendance will know the one true God.

And the one true God answers!

He pulls their attention and their hearts back to Him in a way no other could EVER do. 

Thoughts for today:

Are you wavering in indecision while you wait?

What would happen if you simply asked God to use your situation to show the people around you His power?

God’s power is not something we can understand.  Our minds can’t grasp everything He is capable of doing because we are so weak. . .much like the beloved children’s song says. We are little.  Call on God’s power to show you and those around you what the direction of your hearts should be.

God’s Gift: Light

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Day 15 of Advent and God’s Gift.

Bible Reading: Isaiah 9:2, 6-7


Image: public domain

If you’ve been in the dark a while, turning on the light can be startling.  The use of the word “dawned” in my version of these verses, causes one to consider the realization, the slow bath of light into darkness.  

God’s light was coming.

Focusing on His word and promises helped for it not to be blinding.  Further, that focus should be on how Isaiah describes the light. . .

Counselor–carries out the plan

Mighty–strength as a warrior

Father–compassionate protector and provider

Peace–wholeness and well-being

His is a light we can count on.  A light that can only grow brighter.

Thoughts for today:

Where in your life do you need the characteristics described of God’s light?

How can accepting that God’s light is all of these things help you persevere in your time of waiting?

O God, how we all need a mighty counselor, a father of peace.  Our wholeness and well-being is so often put at risk when we turn to our own abilities in our times of waiting.  It is only with Your light that we can get through this time. Help us to focus on what Your word says about the light that is dawning. Keep the countless times You have provided, protected, and promised forefront in our hearts and minds.


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It’s been on my mind lately the cliche of “God must think you’re strong to give you all this to deal with.”

God thinks no such thing.  He knows I’m not strong. He knows I’m human.  He knows every little weakness and failure about me.  He even says so in Genesis. . .8:21 “every inclination of his heart is evil from childhood.” That’s only one place that he points out my weakness.

My trials are not a test of my strength.  They’re a test of my faithfulness.

It’s not me who is strong.

It’s God.

“My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9