I used to sing my math problems. My sister hated watching The Wizard of Oz with me because I sang the whole thing. Long car rides? Yep, I sang. Singing makes me happy. I took that song from Sesame Street seriously–sing out loud, sing out strong.

I tell you all this because it’s my God love language. Isn’t it interesting that I can say “love language” and most people know what I’m talking about. Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, was insightful in my opinion and now Dr. Chapman has successfully coined a phrase that I find applicable not just to your significant other relationship, but to all your relationships. And what relationship is more important than that with God?

[Want your own copy of The 5 Love LanguagesHere’s one place to find it]

Music so often tells the story my heart wants to express but mere words just can’t do it justice. I can’t explain how adding music–rhythm, melody–to the story can lift my heart and soul or bring me to my knees. I can sing a song one week that has me clapping and the next week has tears coursing down my cheeks.

This is a song that over the last year has been integral in my conversations with God. I think as I cried to God about my weariness through this song, He also reassured me that there was an end to it. Tenth Avenue North used words that I couldn’t coherently piece together. In the midst of my struggles, this song comforted me because it helped me know I wasn’t alone–that rest was available. Now that the particular struggle is over the song brings me joy because it did end, a new song did rise, a heart did mend.

Music– singing– is my prayer, my thanksgiving, my petition, my worship.

So, I sing–I sing out loud, I sing out strong, and sometimes it’s just La, la, lala, la, la,la, la, lala, la.

But God gets it.