This is day two of my Advent Devotional, God’s Gift.

Bible Reading: Genesis 1:24-31


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Have you ever thought about the fact that God didn’t make Man first? He didn’t create Man and then ask, “Hey, what do you think you’d like to see here?” 

He didn’t need Man’s input for His plan.  His creation was something He already had in motion.  The separation of the land and the sea, the heavens and the earth, the animals and the plants.  He had it all orchestrated. And only then did He make Man and gave it ALL to us. 

He created a perfect Earth for His pleasure, and then He gifted it to Man.  He gave it to us for our pleasure, allowing us to oversee everything that He had made.  

We live in a culture that promotes a concept of reciprocation.  But God did not desire that we repay Him for this gift. How could we possibly?  It is all of creation. There is nothing we have that could ever equal the enormity of this gift.  It is a precursor to the gift He has prepared for us.

Thoughts for today:

How often do you feel guilty when you receive an extravagant gift?  Do you struggle with feeling adequate for such a gift?

What feelings do you think the gift giver would like you to feel when you receive a gift?

How could you bless someone today with an unexpected gift?

In your prayers today, thank God for finding you special and worthy of a gift such as creation. Thank Him for reminding you that gifts come from love and the mere idea of pleasing the recipient.