God’s Gift: Preparation

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Day 23 of Advent and God’s Gift.

Bible Reading: Matthew 3:1-6


John the Baptist, Juan de Juanes, c. 1560

A season of waiting does not negate the need to prepare.  John the Baptist extols that need.

Repent–make radical changes to prepare yourself for the coming of God’s kingdom. Make straight the path for Christ to follow into your heart.

Preparation takes work.  It is not merely sitting in the quiet, though that is part of the task to hear God’s voice.  It is taking the knowledge of His promises and the evidence of His blessings and putting them to use.  

God worked to prepare the way for Christ’s coming. We should follow His example.

Thoughts for today:

Do you find it easy in a time of waiting to become lax in your own preparation?

In what area of your life are you waiting for something to change?

What could you do today that would be active preparation during your waiting?

Our body, mind, and soul need to be prepared for all that God calls us to.  It takes work to make each of these elements stronger. God, help us to do the work that is required to be strong in You during Advent.

God’s Gift: Provision

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Day 7 of Advent and God’s Gift

Bible Reading: Genesis 22:1-14


Image: public domain

Abraham never ceases to amaze me.  He follows God’s instruction without question. . .again!  He prepares the ONE thing he wanted most in life to be sent to God in sacrifice.

Have you ever thought about what sacrifice is? I admit that I didn’t look up the definition in a dictionary or online, but here’s my personal take on what it means to sacrifice.  It means to give your best to someone without wanting anything in return. Sometimes that best is more than you think you have or are able to give. Sacrificing is to honor.

In our scripture today, the innocent child asks where the sacrifice is and the answer is, “God will provide.”

And He did, and He will. The Christ child is coming.  God, like Abraham, prepares His son, His best, for us.

Thoughts for today:

When have you given more than you thought you had?

What emotions did you experience when you gave?

How do you honor others in your life?

How do you honor God?

Consider talking to God about your sacrifices.  Ask Him to help you determine your reasoning for what you give and if you need to reevaluate your motivations. Ask Him to help you find ways not only to honor Him, but also to honor those who are in your life–even if only for a brief moment