January Spice Cabinet

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Ah, lucky January with your five Wednesdays.  How exciting it is for me to think of things I want to share in the spice cabinet.  Perhaps my favorite part of the spice cabinet is taking pictures for it.  You get a little glimpse into the things that make my life, well, my life.

1.  I live in a part of North Carolina that may or may not get snow.  When it’s predicted, I’m like a little kid and make sure all my shades are open so I can see it when it starts.  Yesterday was such a day.waitingforsnow



2.  These are two of my most favorite pieces of décor in my house.  My friend John makes them as a hobby.  camcraft

3.  My hot chocolate making kit.  That little wisk is just the perfect size for making sure my hot chocolate, peppermint sprinkles, and milk are well blended in my awesome Barbie cup. (hmm, seems that pink theme from the last Spice Cabinet is around)hotchocolate

4.  When you’re a teacher you occasionally get gifts.  One of my favorite gifts is this mug. It so happens that it was from one of my favorite students as well.  He “got” me.laughtermug

5.  And here is my sweet love on date night.  It’s tough sometimes to balance what needs to be done and what wants to be done.  But, the end result will be worth it, and frankly, it’s just nice to have him near on date night.stevenstudies

October Spice Cabinet


I’ve been collecting spicy goodness for this month’s fifth Wednesday! Here we go. . .

1. noondaybracelet
This is my new favorite bracelet. There are lots of reasons why. . .a) it’s just awesome; 2) I’m helping out people in two different ways–I got it from my friend Katie who is an ambassador for Noonday Collection. So, it’s helping provide a viable way of life for people in Ecuador AND it added to Katie’s adoption fund.  Find out more about Noonday and Katie’s journey. . . .Katie’s Noonday

2.  Daisy got a new collar and name tag this month. She’s a girly dog.  I really wanted to dress her up like a Pink Lady for Halloween, but I think that may be going a little far.  Daisy collar

3.  I found this head massager a few months back.  I love it.  That is all.headmassager

4.  Two springs ago I planted two camellia bushes by my deck.  They’re blooming this October.  I was unaware that they were fall bloomers.  camelia

5.  My car has a pink pinstripe–it’s custom. (Pink for my dog, pink for my flowers, pink for my car–I sense a trend)

6.  Dancing! My sweet love agreed to take me swing dancing, though he had no idea how.  I love that he is willing to try new things with me.  We had a blast.1374335_10201603059871252_1032902664_n (We also grape stomped in the last month.)1381556_10201603060911278_1636177712_n