God’s Gift: Christ, our Saviour

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Thank you for taking a few minutes each day over the last month to travel to this final gift with me.  I hope you have found the journey rewarding, and it has been a blessing for you.  As we continue to walk towards Epiphany in these twelve days of Christmas, may God show Himself in tangible and unmistakable ways to you. With the love of Christ, Season

Bible Reading: Luke 2:6-21


The Shepherds and the angel, Carl Bloch, 1879

Shepherds.  They see Christ first.  They are the images used in Old Testament prophecy.

Shepherds who protect, guide, discipline. Shepherds who restore their relationships with the lost of their flock.

Christ is here! He is here to restore what was broken in the Garden.  He is here to provide the peace that surpasses understanding. . .because it is His peace, not human peace.  He is here to draw us closer to the kingdom of Heaven, the rule of God

He is what we have been waiting for.

Thoughts for today:

How does knowing that Christ is here change your time of waiting?

What does this, the final gift of God, mean to you personally?

Oh, how undeserving we are of this gift.  But how grateful we should be. Jesus. What is there to say in response to the enormity of this gift? Our reliance on His embodiment of every other gift from God is the only way to show our gratitude.  God doesn’t say that it will be easy. He understands our human hearts. He knows that while we want to do right, we won’t. But He’s here, while we wait, while we struggle, while we try.  

And He loves us. He is our gift.

God’s Gift: Protection

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Day 8 of Advent and God’s Gift

Bible Reading: Genesis 28:10-22


Image: public domain {personally, one of my favorites that Steven chose}

God shows Jacob the connection between Heaven and Earth. So often, we fail to recognize that the two are intimately connected.  Jacob’s glimpse of this stairway, this constant moving between God’s realm and His creation, is a magnificent picture. 

What is noteworthy is the fact that Jacob went to sleep unaware of God’s presence in the new place.  He was unaware that God is always here and that this protection is always available. God reminds Jacob that He will watch over him wherever he goes.

And this same declaration is made for us.  God is here. Earth is the house of God. He watches over us night and day.

Thoughts for today:

Where do you turn when you are afraid or lonely?

How does that turning bring you comfort or help you feel protected?

Today, God is waiting for you to acknowledge His protection over His house.  Not just Earth, but you. Call out to Him for the comfort He provides in His protection during the uncertainty of waiting.