seasonedbookclubHere we are at the literary life post yet again. I don’t know why I find this one so difficult to maintain. It’s easier when I’ve had a book club gathering before this Wednesday–but the second Monday for this month comes after the second Wednesday. Guess I’m on my own.

This month we read Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. The goal was to find an easy read that didn’t take much thought but would still be entertaining. I think the find was successful. So successful that as I write this, I can’t really remember the characters’ names. I think the main characters were Claire, Tyler, Sydney, and Henry. I could look it up, but that would take too much effort this evening. (Yep, sometimes I’m lazy.)

Anyway, I do remember the plot and was intrigued by the premise. An estranged sister shows up at her childhood home, unannounced after ten years. The “responsible” sister’s life is turned upside down. Let’s complicate some things with a magic tree in the back yard, an abusive man, and a relative who HAS to give things to people–but she doesn’t know why.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was light, funny at parts, and also touching. The relationship between the two sisters as they figure each other out is telling. It’s often not at all like what we think is going on. Each sister had a perception of what the other meant to her life. Neither knew what the other was thinking and decisions were made that had to be overcome.

I was also intrigued by the sub plot with the relative and her involvement with the grocery store owner. Sounds a lot different than it is when I say it that way.  You’ll just have to read it.  Oh, and then there’s the ex-boyfriend and his wife–which leads me to what really made me blush.

The sex. Not because I mind a book having sex in it, but because my book club was reading it. All I could think was “Oh, my, Lina just read that!” And now I’m going to have to talk about this book with all of them.

Maybe I am a little old-fashioned.