I’ve been thinking about rainbows a lot lately.  I want to do some research on rainbow “lore”. So far, I’ve only checked my concordances to see where rainbow shows up in the Bible.  Depending on your translation, that actual word may not be in your Bible.  And, if it is, it’s only in Genesis the one time.

So, it’s amazing to me how rainbows have come to mean so much in today’s culture.  I taught Genesis 6-9 in my high school world literature class. {Yes, I was allowed to do that. . .the Bible is literature, it isn’t forbidden, and it is in the textbook.} One of the questions the textbook proposed using was “why is the rainbow an appropriate symbol for God to use for His covenant?”

I loved asking that question.  It lead to a discussion of when rainbows appear and what feelings do we associate with them.  Most often my students arrived at an answer along the lines of rainbows mean the storm is over and we survived it; it’s hopeful.  They’re clever, kids. Give them a chance.

But recently, I had a unique experience.  While driving in a storm, a rainbow appeared ahead of me.  I was surrounded by torrential rain.  It was dark where I was. But ahead, I could see there was a lightening of the sky, and there across it, through the rain, I saw a rainbow.


Image from foap.com

The storm isn’t over.

But the rainbow is still there.

God’s promise is still ahead of me.

Do you see what I see. . .

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Recently, I’ve been contemplating the concept of perception.

It started with a parent request for a conference.  Turns out her child thought I hated him.

The issue that existed here was that I very much disliked this student’s behavior.  So, every time I had to deal with the distraction he caused in class, he thought I hated him.  When in truth he just wasn’t meeting my expectation of behavior.


What do you do with perception?  You have to validate that the other person has the perception.  And though you may not have meant for someone to feel the way he does, you can’t change the fact that he does. 

This crazy world we live in is peopled.  Each person has had his own experiences and therefore filters them through those experiences.  Guess what this equals. 


A lot of it.

Sometimes we’re going to be right.  Sometimes we’re going to be wrong.

Either way, we got there honestly.