I’ve been collecting spicy goodness for this month’s fifth Wednesday! Here we go. . .

1. noondaybracelet
This is my new favorite bracelet. There are lots of reasons why. . .a) it’s just awesome; 2) I’m helping out people in two different ways–I got it from my friend Katie who is an ambassador for Noonday Collection. So, it’s helping provide a viable way of life for people in Ecuador AND it added to Katie’s adoption fund.  Find out more about Noonday and Katie’s journey. . . .Katie’s Noonday

2.  Daisy got a new collar and name tag this month. She’s a girly dog.  I really wanted to dress her up like a Pink Lady for Halloween, but I think that may be going a little far.  Daisy collar

3.  I found this head massager a few months back.  I love it.  That is all.headmassager

4.  Two springs ago I planted two camellia bushes by my deck.  They’re blooming this October.  I was unaware that they were fall bloomers.  camelia

5.  My car has a pink pinstripe–it’s custom. (Pink for my dog, pink for my flowers, pink for my car–I sense a trend)

6.  Dancing! My sweet love agreed to take me swing dancing, though he had no idea how.  I love that he is willing to try new things with me.  We had a blast.1374335_10201603059871252_1032902664_n (We also grape stomped in the last month.)1381556_10201603060911278_1636177712_n