seasonedjournalSo, back in May I said I’d see you in June.

And I did once.

And then I was gone again.

I’m not sure how that happens. Life, maybe? I had really good intentions when I started my blog (even though I really just don’t understand where the word “blog” came from and how it came to mean posting musings online). I think I did really well for those first 8 to 9 months as well.

Then, in that tenth month, I became sporadic.

Then, in that eleventh month, I gave myself a vacation.

Then, at the year, well, by then, I had completely forgotten my blog and there was nothing.

Isn’t that the way with many things in our lives? Maybe even things as important as relationships. We do really well for a while. We call, talk, make time for dinner, walks, sharing.

Then, we get busy. We think, oh, it’s not important to touch base today. My friend will be there tomorrow. Then we forget the next day because we need groceries, and then we need to run to the post office and the bank. Oh, and after that we have to get the grass mowed and the laundry folded. And, whew, finally we can sit down for a minute, and we fall asleep.

But there’s always tomorrow, right?

And suddenly (except not so suddenly) our friend isn’t there tomorrow.

There’s only one person I know who is always there tomorrow no matter how much we neglect our relationship with Him. But I bet He wishes we would take time to nurture that one too. He wants to know about your grocery shopping, and post office needs, and how the grass makes your eyes itchy and you’re terrified of yellow jackets. And He wants to know how you love His sunsets and the way your newly mowed grass smells after rain and how much you appreciate the people He has put in your path.

And He wants you to reach out to that friend you said will be there tomorrow.

Don’t let the relationships in your life die as easily as my blog seems to have.